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The Fight Is Fixed™ Media Group – A media conglomerate that produces several media outlets such as radio and television broadcasting; publishing; motion pictures and social media marketing.

Let’s Introduce the Media GROUP Conglomerate.

The Fight Is Fixed™ Broadcasting Network – An online radio and television platform that provides opportunities for others to broaden their audience with the purpose that has been given to them.

Sonship Publishing™ - A 2-Dimensional Company that provides an all-inclusive publishing services as well as one that creates and publishes its own line of creative innovations.

  • Dimension 1 - An all-inclusive publishing company that provides vast opportunities for Authors and Writers to not only be positioned to soar but for us to create visibility and opportunities to build their own platforms while mapping out multiple streams of income strategies.

  • Dimension 2 – A publishing company that creates and publishes its own line of apparel, educational forums, journals, books, magazines, home goods and other creative innovations on behalf of The Fight Is Fixed™.

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