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Our Core

The 12 Governmental Guiding Principles for The Fight Is Fixed™ The Conglomerate LLC are biblically based, values driven, socially impactful, interculturally appealing and relevant to the times in which our purpose has been designated according to Isaiah 58:12)

12 Governmental Guiding Principles of Manifestation. We decree and declare daily as a Conglomerate that:

We have clearly written down a description of our definite purpose, aim and mission and we will never stop until we have developed sufficient skills, gifts, talents, abilities, resources, networks, sponsorships, relationships, partnerships, opportunities, training, development and confidence in whom and whose this Conglomerate belongs to, all it was meant to be, to do, to achieve and to accomplish. (Hab 2:2-3) We operate as a visionary thought leader. (Prov 29:18; Isa 58:6-14)

We will forever thrive under an open heaven and dwell in the supernatural favor of God. (Deut 11:13-15), therefore, we arise each day in total dependence upon God, decreeing and declaring the cancellation of all evil decrees over our year, the life of the organization, our Dream Team and their families, our projects, our purpose, the Authors and their purpose. (Psalm 91:10)

We speak peace into every hour of our day and declare they are filled with supernatural breakthroughs, extravagant favor, miraculous insight and foresight and divine wisdom. No darkness, confusion or fear will prevail against the peace of God that guards the heart and vision of this Organization. (Col 3:15)

We expect God to grant us supernatural insight and strategies for how to work, organize our time, make decisions, and prosper in each assignment and/or project that He has given to us. Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our heart unto wisdom. (Ps 90:12)

Our work will be energized by faith and our services to every Author motivated by love, hope and unwavering faith in God. (I Thess 1:3) We do not make capricious promises. We do everything within our power to keep every promise and commitment we make. (Matt 12:37; Job 22:27-28)

The works of our hands are blessed and God provides: Customers and Clients, Writing Abilities; Best Sellers and Classics; Multiple Streams of Income; Checks in the Mail; Strategic Positioning; Money-Management Skills; Time Management Skills; Mind Management Skills; Leadership Skills; Effective Communication Skills; Negotiation Skills; Crisis Management Skills; Change Management Skills; Resource Management Skills; Trailblazing Skills.

Truth protects our integrity, righteous protects our reputation, the gospel of peace guides our every step, the shield of faith secures our future and destiny and the sword of the Spirit grants the Conglomerate dominion and authority.

Each day is a brand new morning with brand new mercies, brand new opportunities and brand new strategies to seize every opportunity, therefore, Whatever territory we go in, systems, institutions, cultures, environments, legislation, codes, ordinances, regulations and policies adjust to accommodate the Conglomerate divine purpose. (Lam 3:22-23; Isa 43:19)

We live in a world of unlimited potentiality and possibilities, the Conglomerate realizes that in making decisions today, we alter the realities of our tomorrow. With God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26; 2 Cor 9:6) and we decree victory in every challenge. (I Cor 15:57; I John 5:4)

We are given the wisdom, knowledge and understanding as to how to do our work more effectively, professionally and accurately. We have a good reputation. There are no negative stigmas attached to the Conglomerate. We resist every temptation to be slothful, for the hand of the diligent will rule. (Prov 12:24)

We face our greatest challenges, discouraging situations, and seemingly insurmountable problems with this resolution: “Only good can come out of this!” (Gen 50:20; Rom 8:28)

What we start, we will complete. There will be no fruitless, harassing or distractive activities. There will be no delays, setbacks, legal maneuverings, or ex parte motions. We command them to cease and be rejected in the courts of heaven. (Ps 91; Zech 4:9; Isa 66:8-9. We confess, acknowledge and receive the Conglomerate possession of spiritual keys of the Kingdom of God and all legal rights, licenses and duties in the courts of heaven and we use them to bind the activities of the enemy and to release our blessings. (Matt 18:18-19) We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (Phil 4:13)

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