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Embarking cities and nations as a gamechanger catalyst for victory by bringing deliverance and empowerment to individuals that have experienced traumatic events in their lives involving sexual molestation and domestic violence.

Since beginning the Empowerment Tour in 2018, we have discovered that so many needed what we had to bring to their cities...

that involved more than just change and deliverance. With much prayer and consideration, we have also developed more intimate settings called “Healing Eruptions” for those that needed healings in their physical bodies. A schedule for such intimate settings will be posted the second quarter of 2020.

As we enter into scheduling for 2020, we have already embarked on an unprecedented path of multiplication because we understand and are aware of the Open Heaven that we operate in daily. This new decade of our Empowerment Tour will reign unprecedent amounts of healings from the North, South, East and West! Watch for the Testimonies here!

Image by Justice Amoh
Image by chuttersnap

Empowerment Tour


April 2020 – New York                
April 2020 – New Jersey
May 2020 – North Carolina
June 2020 – Maryland
August 2020 – Delaware

Healing Eruptions Schedule:

Coming soon!

Check back here monthly for the updates of specific locations, times and date.

The Empowerment Tour Dream Team:

Vanessa Johnson, Keynote Speaker
Marlene Evans, Speaker
Nova Walton-Marriott, Workshop Facilitator
Anthony Hastings, Photographer

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